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  • 1-888-613-8385
    TTY: 1-800-622-3925

    Call nurse at 1-800-624-6961

    • One-on-one education with asthma nurse educator
    • Scholarships to Camp Catch Your Breath
    • Diabetes education by case managers
    • One-on-one education by diabetes educators on glucometer and insulin pump use and general diabetes education
    • Journey for Control month long interactive diabetes class led by certified educator
    • Scholarships to Camp Kno Koma for children ages 7-15
    • $50 for HbA1C blood test, nephropathy exam, and a diabetic eye exam for diabetics ages 18-75
    • $25 for yearly well visit for ages 3-6 and for ages 12-21
    • $25 for women ages 21-64 for Pap smear every 3 years
    • Free cell phone with free minutes for text and voice, unlimited calls to Member Services, and free wellness and appointment reminder texts
    • Text4Baby messages to keep mom and baby healthy
    • Preventive dental for those over the age of 21 -up to 2 visits
    • Maternity outreach programs:
      -- $50 for 2 visits in 1st trimester
      -- $50 for for 4 visits in 3rd trimester
      -- $50 for post-partum visit between 21–56 days after delivery
    • Care Coordination through baby's first year for mothers with:
      -- High risk pregnancies
      -- Substance use disorder during pregnancy
      -- NICU babies or babies with complex conditions

    • Quit smoking packets for all members ages 12 and older, with workbook, relaxation exercises CD, and quit smoking survival kit
    • Access to our Core Wellness online tool that helps members learn ways to get and stay healthy
    • Care managers to help members manage medications, disease and improve overall health
    • Health risk assessments
    • Specialized care managers:
      -- Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS)
      -- NICU
      -- High Risk OB
      -- Hepatitis
      -- Behavioral Health
      -- Regional face-to-face case management with high risk members
      -- One-on-one help to quit smoking with Certified Coordinator

    $25 for dental exam for children ages 2-3

    • Personal assistance with applying for SSI for Medicaid members who may qualify